Monday, March 27, 2017


"Finally! I'm free from that prison." Ashley reveled.

When Ashley was banished into the body of a nerd named, Adam, she was devastated. All because her siblings were jealous of how powerful she was compared to them. Of course: the more she waited, the stronger she got. Eventually being able to control his body through a mere thought. Adam on the other hand was terrified about the random loss of control. He couldn't point out how it was happening, or why he was suddenly blanking out. It became so bad that he would forget details about the day before.

"If only my sisters could see me now. Those brats were never good with their spells. Always playing it by ear, and never bothering with the logistics." She looked over her reflection with satisfaction.


I couldn't believe it, but it was really true. Somehow my body was stolen by Evelyn. 

When I put her hands towards her face, I felt apprehension. All of the years that I had to build myself up were taken away from me. Evelyn had figured out a way to steal everything that mattered. Now I was the desperate, lonely housewife from next door. I was the one pining for some affection while my bastard of a husband cheated on me. 

I could remember finding out about his affair with that skank from work. I could feel all the anger, and depression sinking in as I breathed in deeply. I tried finding happiness in the arms of others, but could never seem to grasp it. All these young men cared about was a quick booty call. It disgusted me, knowing that I would never be able to leave this situation. I was too frightened by the repercussions to do anything that would upset my marriage. 

The more I remembered about this life, the quicker I forgot about my old one. It was a feeling of sadness that I would get used to. Something that would remind me of what I had lost.

Cursed Beach

Wendy was shocked when her boyfriend went into the water, and out came a beautiful woman in a red bikini.

All of those stories about the cursed beach were true. Which meant that her boyfriend was now gone, and was replaced by this sultry looking goddess. "Hi there." The woman said to Wendy, "Uh...hi? Who are you? What happened to.." she was interrupted as her lips met with this beauty before her. Maybe it was the blood rushing through her veins, but she couldn't resist the kiss. Whoever this woman was, she obviously was using some sort of manipulative magic against her. Not that she was complaining or anything.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Never Again

"Hold on, what the fuck just happened?" Chris thought as he looked at his phone.

His face shifted around to match his new body, but surprisingly enough; he didn't freak out. Instead he was calm and collected, almost like something was messing with his mind. Nobody seemed to be paying attention to him when the transformation happened either. Apparently his girlfriend had found out about him cheating on her, but it wasn't just enough to leave him. She wanted to make sure that he would never screw another girl over again.

And now: Chrystal (formerly Chris) looks at her phone in confusion. Wondering what the hell she was just doing, and why she was suddenly on the beach.

Friday, March 24, 2017

I Don't Know What Happened

"Why are you asking me what happened? I don't know what happened!" Ryan freaked out as his body suddenly transformed into that of Miley Cyrus. 

It was odd, but he couldn't recall much after leaving that strange office this morning. He answered the ad for a new drug they were testing, went to address for the test, and then it was all a blank afterwards. All he could remember was going to that office, but even then; he wasn't sure those were actual memories. What he would have never guessed was that he'd been purposely drugged. His transformation was part of the experiment, and it wasn't the first time that it happened. Pretty soon he would forget this conversation, and his Miley programming would take over.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


"And then the crazy bitch stole my body." Greg explained to his friend, Dave. Recounting what happened to himself after saving some woman from drowning.

Being too nice usually made him an easy person to step on. Of course: he never could imagine somebody stealing his body after helping them. The woman who was responsible for this was really adamant on keeping his body too. She kept running away from him as he tried to stop her. No amount of begging or bribery seemed to work either. 

It seemed for the time being that he was stuck in this body. At least until he could find that woman again.